“Measure what is measurable, and make measurable what is not so.”    Galileo, 1610.

Welcome to ecodb, the Environmental Data Management System. Our cloud database service provides standards based data storage, sophisticated data transformation, sharing and search functions, securely and cost effectively. Data set owners can optionally publish their data in the ecodb clearing house of environmental data, can exchange their data privately with others via ecodb, or can participate in the ecodb trading platform where ecodb undertakes the eCommerce settlement.

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From September 2020 for data take-up commencement and early evaluation.

We seek paid partners who can undertake early data take-up.
Please contact us if you wish to apply. Our initial focus is Africa and Asia.

Ecodb assists in the monitoring, evaluation and reporting on key air, water, land, biodiversity, and social indicators through storing comprehensive relevant data sets; and optionally enabling these data sets to be shared publicly providing open access. This community information helps better informed decision making by policy makers, regulators, planners, researchers, communities, industries and the public through generating fact based discourse.

We cost effectively support both individual and collaborative, team based environmental projects. Support extends to citizen science, emissions monitoring and management across multiple plant sites; as well as large corporate and government information systems. We are standards oriented and allow for quality assurance codes and third party quality accreditation. Our support for environmental data sets in the public domain fosters open government, and the ease of publishing and sharing data sets among individuals and organizations generates a public good.

We have established license types and value propositions for diverse user communities, however we recognize that all programs are unique, and we also welcome being able to respond to your request for a personalized proposal. :

We have been very pleased with the enthusiasm of our 'early adopter' partners. We are in the process of integrating them into ecodb and providing them full access; and will commence launch of the ecodb public domain service utilizing their approved data from September 2020. Please contact us if you wish to apply to become an early adopter and obtain free ecodb licenses and services.