ecodb: mission statement

ecodb is a cloud-based infomediary for environmental and ecosystems data.

Our mission is to provide a transformative cloud-based application that can store an organization’s environmental data sets into a secure, standards-based, industrial-strength data base that has sophisticated data manipulation and transformation functions. Optionally enabling the publication of data sets into the Public Domain for the public good, while providing a content provider reward mechansim to encourage participation and entrepreneurship.

Sub-objectives are:

  1. Enable the transformation of data sets into data sets of higher value through the ability to re-calibrate units of measurement, and/or the parameters being measured, over discrete intervals applying both standard and user-defined calibration relationships.
  2. Owner assessment and third-party certification of the quality of data sets.
  3. Provide open-access to ecodb supported Public Domain of data sets, that is non-partisan and is a source for third party studies.
  4. Enable ecodb licensees to participate in selectively publishing data sets to the ecodb supported Public Domain, retaining original authorship acknowledgment and optionally providing social media links and project background.
  5. Provide a mechanism to support team-based and collaborative projects with geographically dispersed team members.
  6. Provide the ability for rapid exchange of data sets at zero cost.
  7. Highly scalable, with a range of license categories to suit all organization types.

Ancillary objectives are:

  1. Provide mechanisms for third-party sponsoring of environmental projects.
  2. Facilitate the reporting of emissions in support of permit compliance.
  3. Provides a tool for monitoring and reporting the efficiency of industrial plant operations.
  4. Provide a vehicle for sharing data within and between Associations with environmental and ecological mandates.
  5. Provides educational tools for generating environmental awareness and collaboration.