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Significant relevant features of ecodb:

  • Highly cost effective cloud-based solution for enabling data entry from geographically diverse contributors;
  • Data entry allows for site observations as well as actual data values, both of which can be reviewed and edited;
  • Ability of ecodb to undertake basic checking of data values at point of data entry to ensure that they are in recognized ranges that have been pre-defined by the Administrator for individual sites.
  • License Administrator has control over assigning quality assurance values, and has unique control over whether to publish the data sets to the public domain which can be activated or retracted on a click of a button;
  • Graphical display of data sets over time, as well as graphical comparison between multiple data sets even with different parameters being monitored.
  • Rapid large scale site monitoring establishment for managing numerous monitoring groups.
  • Data may be entered discretely or through a rapid absorption of the whole file (primarily for ease of legacy data take-up).
  • Range of functions that enable the visualization of the data sets on-line, as well as a range of data download functions;
  • Customized data entry screens available on request;
  • Facilitates data sharing with common interest groups, whilst always acknowledging the original data set collection originator.
  • Identification of your social media links within your e-projects to enable the public to engage and follow your projects;
  • Ability to list and graphically display (using Google Earth) data sets specific to your organization.
  • Supports stand-alone, as well as team based and collaborative projects, with unlimited sub-accounts.

Major benefits of these ecodb features:

  • All the sophistication of a large enterprise data repository and manipulation facility, but at low cost.
  • Cost effectively supports common interest groups that are potentially geographically diverse, with common standards.
  • Ease of publishing to the public domain provides the ability to share data rapidly and globally at no cost, whilst also obtaining a high level of public recognition for the data collection efforts.
  • Creates a cohesive group with common interest that is able to attract liked minded individuals and organizations which can be followed via their social media links.

Value proposition:

  • Ability to rapidly commence using the ecodb service.
  • Complimentary support staff help to both establish your ecodb license, as well as provide support for commencement of operations.
  • Request quotation for custom-designed data input screens with logo placement.
  • Ecodb licenses can be partially or fully sponsored by third parties.
  • Licenses can be suspended, and hence payments, while the published data is still continually available for sharing.
  • Multiple environmental projects can be supported by a single ecodb license, hence enabling further sharing of costs between projects.
  • Complimentary assistance is provided for your account establishment and initial data take-up.
  • If you do not wish to have the benefits of a multi-user ‘Corporate ecodb license’, but still wish to publish your data sets, then a Retail ecodb license may be more appropriate as this enables the single user to safely store and selectively publish their data sets at a very low price per month.
  • New ecodb features continually being developed and available at no cost to licensees.
  • We welcome requests for new features that can be made available to all ecodb licensees.
  • Projects can be featured in our partner organization and published world-wide, Environment News Service.