plant managers and emissions permitting (license) compliance

Significant relevant features of ecodb:

  • Low cost and secure facility for storing data concerning plant operations and emissions.
  • Ease of data extraction for compliance reporting against standard parameters and in any unit of measurement;
  • Ability to monitor standard industry parameters, with each parameter belonging to one or more ‘categories’ for ease of search, e.g. USA EPA HAP codes.
  • Ability to establish proprietary parameters and measurement units, as well as proprietary calibration relationships;
  • Ability to recalibrate a data set into an alternate unit of measurement and/or parameter to monitor, e.g. when there is a direct correlation between parameters such as milliamps measurement to salinity;
  • Graphical display of data sets over time, as well as graphical comparison between multiple data sets even with different parameters and measurement units being monitored for correlation purposes.
  • One-stop-shop for storage of plant utilization, efficiency monitoring, and output history where multiple data collection units can be identified for plant wide and multi-plant storage of their data sets.
  • Can support multiple sub-accounts, for multiple plant manager inputs.
  • Environmental projects can also be identified, as an adjunct to plant performance and emissions data sets.
  • Discrete data take-up as well as rapid absorption of whole data set files that ensure rapid data transfer from legacy systems.

Major benefits of these ecodb features:

  • Highly cost-effective service that enables secure data storage that is accessible via the Internet.
  • Enables multiple sub-accounts to share data sets on multi-plant production and emissions data.
  • Uses industry standards emission parameters to monitor, as well as enables propriety parameters to be defined which can subsequently be recalibrated.
  • Efficient data extraction for emissions and productivity reporting via a range of output functions.

Value proposition:

  • Provides a cost-effective one-stop-shop solution for storing production and emissions data sets that can be accessed by multiple approved staff accounts.
  • Rapid to implement, sophisticated in functionality, and simple to use.
  • Multiple data export functions, and rapid data take-up from legacy systems.

Case study:

Case study pending.