ecodb license types (most are free)
and all share in sponsorship revenue

We offer four ongoing categories of license which will support a diverse range of requirements, a two-week interim evaluation license, and a free to access public domain of published data:

1. Corporate licenses are designed for organizations that have a requirement for significant environmental data and comprehensive evaluation and review functions.

These requirements may range from large citizen science projects with multiple groups participating; emissions compliance, having a legal requirement to store and report on operations where there is a need to monitor the efficiencies of diverse manufacturing plant; through to government entities responsible for geographic areas that have the mandate to collect large amounts of data to accomplish their mission and who wish to support ‘open government policies’.

This Ecodb license is comprehensive and is designed to replace the requirement for in-house data storage and most analytical systems. Bespoke functions can be provided on request.

2. Retail licenses are optimal for the professional environmentalist; consultant; citizen scientist; farmer; hobbyist; or private contractor to support a project or client and where typically a single user access is required.

The Retail license is a low cost mechanism to augment legacy in-house information systems to publish their data sets to the commons facilitated by ecodb.

These licenses are also useful for ‘specific project’ needs where the data is required to be more clearly segregated for management reasons, and where the project may have a limited term requirement before integration with a primary corporate or academic license.

3. Academic licenses are particularly usefull and can be expanded to include unlimited sub-accounts for team based collaboration. This license is valuable for student based citizen science projects where large numbers are involved in data collection and where additional sub-accounts can be easily added, and with a License Manager feature controlling data deletions.

It is also designed for research institutions that require comprehensive analytical functions and sophisticated data manipulation, search and data acquisition facilities, as well as the ability to privately share or publicly list data.

4. Re-seller’s licenses or "VAR" for Value Added Reseller are for eco-entrepreneurs who can add value to either their own or public domain data to publish or re-sell this data through a market enabled by a future version release of ecodb. This license type will become available in a future release.

The core principle of Airbnb, Uber (and et al.) is taking potentially productive assets that are currently not in the market and creating a transparent market for them: empty rooms, unused vehicles, etc. AirBnB has empowered citizens to realize revenue from their household assets and circumvented the need for travelers to exclusively use higher cost commercial facilities, and Uber has done similar with ride-sharing to the benefit of millions. That’s “creative destruction” at its finest. The VAR license of ecodb has this same principle of taking productive and valuable environmental data sets, that are currently inaccessible or difficult to acquire, and then creating a market where this data can be offered for a fee per copy to contribute to reimbursing the data set owner for the cost of data collection and data synthesis.

Public domain. Ecodb supports a public domain for publishing environmental data to leverage and unlock the huge assets of environmental data sets, oftentimes created by volunteer citizen scientists as well as professional environmentalists. This public domain provides both transparency and a public resource to the community on the state of the local environment.

The public domain of ecodb enables the publication of productive and valuable environmental data sets where the community can freely search, review and download this data in a variety of formats. Only ecodb licensees can publish to this public domain.