Public Domain access

Ecodb supports the public good through hosting the publication of valuable environmental data sets that ecodb licensees have decided to share with the public. Access ecodb public domain. During soft launch there will be a paucity of information listed within the public domain, however this link is provided to demonstrate the functionality of this feature.

Data sets can be searched via a variety of filters, and the search results can be generated either as a list (which in turn can also be sorted) or as a geospatial display of points using Google Earth (and which can use their navigation tools). Current search filters include:

  • Search by country (and by States within some countries);
  • Search by parameter;
  • Search by parameters belonging to a group of parameters, e.g. hazardous air pollutants;
  • Search by range of dates that the data set was listed to the public domain.
  • Search by sponsor (coming shortly).
  • Search by key word (coming shortly).

On selecting a data set of interest, the public have the opportunity to display a summary of any available project background information, a listing of the data set values, and a graphical plot of the data set. The data set then can potentially be downloaded into a spreadsheet; or have its project information, data values, and graph embedded into a Word or PDF file for download.

Warning. We have encouraged ecodb licensees to only publish data sets that are valuable; and to also assess the quality of their data set and rate with a 'quality assurance assessment code'. Please be mindfull of this quality code when using downloaded data sets. We also request that ecodb licensees document their environmental projects, and also include social media links; and we recommend that you follow these social media groups and make contact with data set authors to verify critical data. In our next release of ecodb we will be adding a new function whereby there will be third party acreditation of data sets where appropriate, which will aid in your assessmnt of the reliability of data.

Any ecodb licensee can potentially upload the data set spreadsheet into their own ecodb account for further analysis and comparison. The original author information is embedded within the data set.

A function to directly transfer datasets between ecodb licensees, without requiring download then upload, will be available shortly.

We thank ecodb licensees for their particpation in providing copies of their data sets for the public good.