environmental scientists & consultants

Significant relevant features of ecodb:

  • Provides a rapid deployment, low cost, secure, standards based environmental data set repository that is cloud based.
  • Where security of data and privacy are required and where sophisticated data functions must be used.
  • Ability to monitor standard industry parameters, with each parameter belonging to one or more ‘categories’ for ease of search, e.g. USA NPDES codes record keeping.
  • Ability to establish non-standard parameters to monitor, and measurement units, as well as proprietary calibration relationships.
  • Allows integration of data sets, and their recalibration.
  • Ability to apply both standard as well as proprietary calibration relationships represented as discrete polynomials up to third positive or negative power against data sets over potentially discontinuous ranges, (e.g. for facilitating stream flow calculations from pole height);
  • Ability to maintain privacy over proprietary calibration relationships.
  • Provides a mechanism for peer review of data, and tagging of the quality of data, as well as data quality certification of in-house or client data sets.
  • Rapid upload and download of data to interface with proprietary models.
  • Ability to search on third party data sets, and rapidly integrate into licensee private ecodb data collection.
  • PDF and other output functions for incorporation within reports.
  • Searchable Public Domain for published data, with information on the data set original owner and social media links to facilitate outreach.
  • Discrete data take-up as well as rapid absorption of whole data set files.
  • Enables the creation of sophisticated calibration relationships to be applied to data sets.

Major benefits of these ecodb features:

  • Rapid deployment of standards based facility accessible anywhere there is Internet availability.
  • Supports team based and collaborative projects, with unlimited sub-accounts.
  • Ensures that industry standards are adhered to.
  • Creates a centralized and secure company-wide environmental data set repository, where data can be accessed anytime by authorized users, and where data is kept secure by in-house account Administrator.
  • Allows for the selective release of data to the Public Domain, with embedded acknowledgement of data set original owner.

Value proposition:

  • Highly cost effective and rapid deployment of a standards-based specialized data repository.
  • Accounts can be established on a stand-alone basis for clients, and on project completion the data can be rapidly absorbed into client’s and/or in-house ecodb license.
  • Cost of ecodb license can be amortized across a project, or passed through to client account.
  • Complimentary assistance by ecodb staff in undertaking feasibility study and site assessment for in-house establishment;
  • Complimentary guidelines and task list for undertaking a feasibility study of your client’s organization; prioritizing and planning the subsequent data take-up and alignment with industry standards.
  • Ongoing complimentary help desk support.

Case study:

Case study pending.