ecodb: types of users

ecodb supports diverse types of users, in addition to a free Public Domain

Typical stake holders for the ecodb sevice are:

  • Integrated natural resources environmental data time series monitoring
    • For a holistic view and integration of data sets from various sources;
  • Public participation in environmental matters
    • Enable the public to search, retrieve and become involved in environmental debate
  • Volunteer Environment Monitors
    • Comprehensive data manipulation and calibration tool-set that facilitates data sharing and common interest groups;
  • Education
    • Providing a professional interface for storage and sharing for team based projects, the range of calibration relationships foster a strong grasp of the mathematics behind environmental monitoring;
  • Government agencies
    • Provides a low cost facility for providing copies of selected government data sets to the community and facilitates outreach;
  • Environmental scientists
    • Provides a secure storage facility, common conversion relationships, as well as secure storage of private calibration relationships; provides a mechanism for peer review of data, and tagging of the quality of data.
  • Environmental consultants
    • Where security of data and privacy are required and where sophisticated data functions must be used. Rapid upload and download of data to interface with proprietary models.
  • Plant Managers
    • Low cost and secure facility for storing and sharing data concerning plant operation and emissions;
  • Environmental Health & Safety
    • Enables the comparison of disparate data sets to identify correlations and impact analysis;
  • Emissions Permitting (License) Compliance
    • Secure storage and aggregation facility for potential electronic filing.
  • Primary Industry
    • Low cost data storage, yield analysis, and sophisticated data manipulation facility;
  • Global data sharing for common interest groups
    • Support collabrative projects and common interest groups across geographically diverse areas;